TAAT: The Ordinary Knitter – episode 16

The Ordinary Knitter Podcast
TAAT: The Ordinary Knitter - episode 16

Episode 16: TAAT

Welcome to The Ordinary Knitter, a knitting podcast discussing projects, yarns and patterns. This week: knitting socks TAAT (two at a time) – one ball of yarn or two? Budapest (inevitably), finishing the forethought/afterthought heel socks, learning to knit in a group (and knitting for charity), and knitting spotting. Or spotting knitting. Here’s the invitation to knit in public that I couldn’t resist yesterday (twice):


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TAATHere are The Socks, with their lime green toes, box construction and forethought heel. I’m now on the cuff so very much on the home straight and back in my comfort zone. For quite a while now I’ve knitted socks TAAT – two at a time. No second sock syndrome, no judging whether socks are exactly the same length and when you’re finished, you’re finished. I cast on with Judy’s Magic Cast On, which lends itself perfectly to two at a time on magic loop, and they look like a little bikini til the tow is well established. In a recent podcast, Staci Perry cautions against using a single ball of yarn to knit socks two at a time, but that’s what I always do. Personally I’d get way more tangled with two balls of yarn and have never had sock yarn splitting, but as with so much in knitting it’s down to your preferences.

I’m looking forward to the teaching morning at the next Knit & Knatter (see what we did there?) at Grange Court, Leominster, on Wednesday 10th August at 10am. See you there?




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