Knitting stripes: The Ordinary Knitter – episode 5

The Ordinary Knitter Podcast
Knitting stripes: The Ordinary Knitter - episode 5

Episode 5: Knitting stripes

Welcome to episode 5 of The Ordinary Knitter. This week: the pros and cons of knitting stripes flat or in the round, changing a nice simple pattern into an intarsia nightmare, finding good YouTube knitting videos and eating my words on blocking.

Ft knitting patterns:

Ft knitting videos:

Knitting stripes:

knitting stripes

This is a sneak peek at the next baby sleep pod I have on the go. I absolutely LOVE the colours in this. After knitting the last baby sleep pod carrying the pending stripe colours along vertically and having floppy yarn loop nightmares, then knitting the wee hat flat and having stripe-matching seaming nightmares, I’m doing this one properly. I’m knitting it in the round, cutting the yarn after each stripe is over. I’m trying the technique to avoid the colour jog but I’m not sure if I’m causing myself other problems. I’ll report back.

knitting stripes

PurpleLinda Crafts, where I placed my latest yarn order. Great customer service, good choice of yarns in a range of colours, good prices and reasonable delivery. I’ll definitely be using PurpleLinda Crafts again.



Btw I have a new computer – woot! – but listening to the recording it’s slightly hissy so please bear with me while I get used to the sensitivities of this new machine. I think I might call it Marvin.

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