Kitchener stitch: The Ordinary Knitter – episode 6

The Ordinary Knitter Podcast
Kitchener stitch: The Ordinary Knitter - episode 6

Episode 6: Kitchener stitch

Welcome to episode 6 of The Ordinary Knitter. This week: raglan seams – kitchener stitch or bind off and seam?, LYS, blocking, dropping Clangers and buying new needles.

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Kitchener stitch:

kitchener stitch UnderarmSeamedCan you tell which is the Kitchener stitched underarm? Sadly it’s the lumpy one on the left. I said in the pod that I wasn’t sure which was better, Kitchener st or binding off and seaming, and looking at this I’d say binding off and seaming every time.

Rolled Edge Baby Raglan Sweater
Rolled Edge Baby Raglan Sweater

I’m going to be knitting at least four jumpers for this coming winter so plenty of opportunity to hone my raglan seaming skills! Overall though I’m pleased with this little jumper and would happily do something perhaps in a simple stripe or with a block design in the middle (a star or tractor or something).

4 Replies to “Kitchener stitch: The Ordinary Knitter – episode 6”

  1. Hi
    I began listening to episode 6. No hiss!! But it kept cutting off after about 8 minutes. Tried opening in new window but same thing. I will try again when home and at my computer. Loved what I heard so far!!

    1. Thanks Trudy. Were you listening on an Apple device? Apparently this cut-out is a known Apple issue and they’re working on a solution, but probably not a good idea to hold your breath on that!

      1. Yes…Apple device. Have you thought of posting through iTunes, soundcloud or other podcast platform?? I would love to hear more!!

        1. That’s good advice. I’m ploughing through the iTunes processes, it’s pending with gpodder and I haven’t looked at Soundcloud yet – I’ll be busy tonight!

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