Tension: The Ordinary Knitter – episode 46

The Ordinary Knitter Podcast
Tension: The Ordinary Knitter - episode 46
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Welcome to episode 46 of The Ordinary Knitter, the knitting podcast that’s (mostly) about the projects. My name is Heather and I’m @theordknitter on Twitter, @theordinaryknitter on Instagram and @ordinaryknitting on Ravelry. This week: tension changes between knitting in the round and knitting flat, what to do with knits you no longer need or want, progress on Herz, and toe is firmly in the dressmaking water.

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  • Wrap skirt


Can you see how much more widely spaced – vertically – the lower rows are compared to the upper rows?

Even tension is the holy grail of knitting and something I didn’t know I struggle with. In the pod I explain that I noticed during Herz that I have different tensions depending whether I’m knitting flat or in the round. Knitting flat my tension is looser due to the way I hold my yarn for a solid row of purl stitches, but fortunately it’s far less obvious on the right side than the wrong side. Because this yarn is a marl and the pattern is knitted flat from the top to the point of the V then in the round you can see a change in the way the fleck of the marl falls, but it doesn’t look bad.

I make a point these days of giving my yarn an extra tug when I’m switching purl to knit or vice versa to avoid the stitches become loose and strung out and that has definitely improved things but there are still areas to work on. Underarms are a classic point where things can become loose but care is always required when pulling yarn tight – I’ve succeeded in snapping yarn once or twice, and desperately tight stitches are a pain when you meet them next time round and you have to winkle your needle into them. I’m coming to the conclusion this area of knitting is a real art.

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