WWKIP: The Ordinary Knitter – episode 11

The Ordinary Knitter Podcast
WWKIP: The Ordinary Knitter - episode 11

Episode 11: WWKIP

Welcome to episode 11 of The Ordinary Knitter. This week: WWKIP, knitting camisoles, an interview with Alison from my knitting group, monotonous socks, knitting newsletters and new babies (if you see what I mean – I don’t knit babies or newsletters). I have by and large sorted out the crackly interview problem; for anyone gripped by this sort of thing it was to do with buffering, which I think means my phone was trying to do too many things at once and the mp3 came off worst.

Nightmare layout issues! I’ll try to sort them out, but for now please just pity me.


WWKIPHere I am sitting at the pub knitting. We took a video too but it wasn’t very exciting. Mine’s a Guinness.

Ryelands Wool

Not Lady BaaBaa

These are not the sheep I mention in the pod! But they make my point very well: Ryelands wool was so important to Leominster in the middle ages that sheep references pop up all over the place (and not just because we’re near Wales, nudge nudge wink wink baa baa). These lovely ladies were part of an exhibition at Pembridge church last year. This is the Wikipedia entry about Ryelands sheep. According to that, Queen Elizabeth I would have stockings made only from Leominster wool (or ‘Lemster’ as it was then – god knows what happened to the spelling).


Alison’s baby jacket

WWKIPAs we’re being rude about the pattern I won’t link to it. WWKIPLeft is the front of the little jacket, featuring the double-breasted design that drew Alison to the pattern. It’s hard to imagine the jacket with big buttons. If you expand the image you’ll see Alison chose very cute blue buttons with a smiley face on them. To the right is the back and The Vent. What you can’t see is a double line of rib going up underneath each flap of the vent – that’s what I exclaim over in the interview. I think the moral of this story is go for a vent only if you’re very sure what you’re doing.

Ft knitting newsletters:


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