Weaving in ends: The Ordinary Knitter – extra 1

The Ordinary Knitter Podcast
Weaving in ends: The Ordinary Knitter - extra 1

Weaving in ends: Extra 1

Welcome to the first of an occasional series of short podcasts focussing on specific techniques or projects. I might come up with a snazzy name eventually, but for now I’m too excited about the ‘proper’ technique I’ve discovered for weaving in ends. Once again Staci Perry of VeryPink has ridden to the rescue and the difference to my knitting is just astonishing. Really no-one should get this excited about a different way to weave in ends, but there you have it.

Ft knitting patterns:

Ft knitting videos:

Knitting Help – Weaving in Ends

Here’s a before and after of woven-in ends on the back of the sleep pod:

For someone who harbours ambitions to be a neat and tidy knitter this represents huge progress! It’s satisfying to do and pleasing to look at and makes weaving in ends less of a guessing exercise. Still, I have to leave slightly longer yarn tails when cutting yarn in the first place, and then after weaving in I have to leave a slightly longer end as otherwise I found tufts were poking through the piece. How do you weave in ends – like this, another recognised technique or just hope for the best?

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