Teaching children knitting: The Ordinary Knitter – episode 27

The Ordinary Knitter Podcast
Teaching children knitting: The Ordinary Knitter - episode 27

Welcome to The Ordinary Knitter, a knitting podcast discussing projects, yarns and patterns. This week: teaching children knitting, Hallowe’en apple cozy, Cats in Hats, the weekly To the Sea bulletin, the KnitBit and #stashwednesday. The buzz is back, did you notice? I blame it on the half term gremlins. And that interesting rattle snake sound in the background at one point? Well, that was @scotlandteam on Instagram announcing the full squad for this autumn’s internationals – please don’t judge 😀

Ft knitting patterns:

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Ft knitting charts

pumpkinchartI tried to sort this out in a smart, elegant way, but I failed. Instead here’s a photo of my chart – click on it to bring up a full size image. The horizontal depth is up to you – I shrunk it for the wavy-mouthed one this time.

STOP PRESS! Since posting this originally I have discovered Stitch Fiddle! Proper charts are now available:




Teaching children knitting

teaching children knittingMy son has asked several times to learn to knit and I’ve always been happy to show him (well, apart from that time Andy Murray was playing a crunch match, that was naff timing), but teaching children knitting is not something I consider myself to be good at. Imagine how we’ve got on lately learning to tie shoelaces – no, on second thoughts, don’t.

His problem (apart from having me as a mum) is that after inserting right needle into stitch on left needle and wrapping yarn round, he then brings the needles to parallel like rugby posts. He does it every time and it leads to all sorts of problems.

The little girl I mention in the pod is a couple of years older than him, so I’m optimistic she’ll have more fine motor control. I’m taking chunky yarn, big needles and low expectations – if she comes away with a 4″ long scarf 15 st wide and more scarf than hole I’ll feel we’ve achieved something.

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