Three needle bind off: The Ordinary Knitter – episode 13

The Ordinary Knitter Podcast
Three needle bind off: The Ordinary Knitter - episode 13

Episode 13: Three needle bind off

Welcome to The Ordinary Knitter, a knitting podcast discussing projects, yarns and patterns. This week: knitting with children, measuring for camisoles, an interview with my husband about socks, knitting a present for my cousin. I’m part way through organising iTunes, by the way. I now have an Apple ID, but couldn’t get any further when i last tried. I’ll have another go and report back.

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Three needle bind off

three needle bind offThis was a completely new one on me. I used a standard bind off for years, which made for some pretty squeaky socks in the early days of ‘proper’ knitting. Then I discovered Jeni’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off which changed everything. But that was it, the sum total of my bind off knowledge. This week I’ve doubled my repertoire with not only Russian or lace bind off, but three needle bind off too. Strictly speaking it’s more of a grafting stitch than a bind off, and I was using it to graft the two halves of my shrug. Often when I learn a new stitch it’s completely incomprehensible at first, I’m watching YouTube videos frame by frame and I can’t understand how anyone ever gets the hang of it then bingo, the penny drops and I’m away. This time I didn’t have to go through the ‘duh?’ stage and just zoomed away with it from the off. The result is a very satisyingly neat seam, but none the less a seam. I’d hoped the TNBO would be invisible, like mattress stitch, but it is what it is and that won’t stop me wearing the finished article.

So now I’m project-free, once I’ve woven in ends and blocked the shrug. What should I knit next?



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